Redline Time Attack Round #3

A few short weeks after our recent trip to Road Atlanta we headed to Redline Time Attack at Streets of Willow. Luckily for us this event took place in our own backyard. We had to opt out of the practice day in order to prep the car for the bumps and bruises that Streets has to offer. Much like actual streets, the course has a multitude of bumps, dips, and other treacherous obstacles to avoid.

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Global Time Attack Road Atlanta 2016 vol. 1

The last time that we were able to Road Atlanta with Global Time Attack was back in 2014 when we were still in Street class trim, now as the car has undergone numerous changes with aero, tires, chassis we head there in the Unlimited class. With the jump to the higher class comes a barrage of competitors, not only that but Road Atlanta had one of the craziest field of Unlimited Class car in years setting up for a battle royal. Some of the heavy hitters included GST Motorsports, Lyfe Motorsports, Professional Awesome, DBW Motorsports and UMS Tuning.

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The Struggle Vol. 10

So now we are in the second week of November 2015 we are working our way towards getting the car complete for Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle. At this time we have already ruled out the idea of actually finishing our aero package to the dismay of Rami (team aerodynamics engineer). Although Wasp Composites was able to build us a brand new  and enormous splitter. This was built to counter act the forces that were provided by APR Performance’s GT1000 dual element Swan neck wing.
 You can see here the difference in surface area in comparison to the splitter we had been using for the last few years in street class. Wasp through with the use of Rami’s design also integrated replaceable rub strips into the design.  Continue reading

The Struggle 2015 Vo.9

The motor is in and it all runs so we should be all in the green correct…. Yea right! Now the fun starts again.

So at this point we decided that we need to pull the motor back out based on some conversations that we had and what might be the problem. We first pulled the motor and swapped out the oil pump and oil pickup being that those are 2 items that could cause issues with oil pressure beside the worst problem of all… The mains…


So after we took the motor out again we went ahead and measured the mains and they were out of tolerances.

So we made the decision to move the spare block, but before we assembled the motor we decided to check the main clearances. Good thing we did being that it needed a align bore. So we get the motor back up to Outfront to get this all completed oh and did I tell you that it is now October and Super Lap is right around the corner!

But before we get all of that done why not take a trip to SEMA!

Here is some great Time Attack family!


Great dinners with all the family.

Now we get back to the shop and get the car up and running!
Gil and Oscar spent a lot of sleepless nights getting this ready just in time! Without a doubt the weeks leading up to SLB have been some of the most stressful ever with this team! And it hasn’t even begun to start to bring the completely sleepless nights yet!

More to come…
Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!


The Struggle 2015 Vol. 7

Keep in mind that we have now changed all of our original game plans of really competing in Redline Time Attack and Global Time Attack season and are just hoping to make some events to get some testing in before Super Lap Battle, but we were still wanting to make the largest Subaru event of the year Subiefest. Subiefest is in September and at this time in the build it is end of July or beginning of August. We all of a sudden came into contact with Lost Art Liquids an e-liquids company aka subie vape madness. They wanted to come on board with our team and we were glad to have them! But this meant that we were about to have to make a few changes…. And by few I mean a lot! 

Here is how the trailer started.

So the first item on the agenda was to refresh the cars livery, I turned to Advanced Printing and Graphics (APG) to come up with a new design incorporating their logo as well as all of our other sponsors. This is an emense task and I must admit not that much fun. Along with the livery, new shirts, a canopy and then finally a trailer wrap would all need to be completed. But before the trailer could be wrapped I had to go and find one and buy it! It is still a work in progress but just like everything else we tried to make the trailer be a place where we could go to get out of the elements, store and be a home away from home. 

The trailer wrap was one of those items that just about didn’t get done… It was finished at 4:30 in the morning the day of Subiefest. Big props to the guys at APG for staying up all night long and getting it done in time so that we could rep it at the event.   
Now along with the trailer they were also taking the time to make our new crew shirts and T shirts, helping us rep all the companies that help us every step of the way.

 Now Oscar puts on his crew shirt for the first time being the new recruit.

The car itself was something that we were all eagerly awaiting to be completed for multiple reasons, one being that we were excited to see the new livery but another being that we needed to get it back so that we could get it back to the shop and get it running as we were really hoping to be able to drive it at Subiefest.

Now they finished the main wrap but being our timeline we had to get the car back to the shop and get working on it. Luckily for us APG was gracious enough to come to Yimi Sport Tuning and apply the rest of the decals.   

Now here is where things get a little interesting the car at this time had yet to be started and with less than a week to go until Subiefest 2015 our subie hadn’t even been started yet! The guys worked all night and day the week leading up to it and remember all these guys have a day job and Paul owns Yimi Sport Tuning! 

The finished product was amazing! It really sets the car apart from all others and makes the car impossible for photographers to miss! 

 The team really came together at the last moment staying up all night long and then working all day at Subiefest which is probably why we were all wearing sunglasses. Although the car did not get any dyno time so we were unable to actually drive it on the track but we were able to start it and drive it into its location! Although the car was now a running driving thing…. We had an issue and that issue was low oil pressure… 

To be continued…

Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!

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