Global Time Attack Road Atlanta 2016 vol. 1

The last time that we were able to Road Atlanta with Global Time Attack was back in 2014 when we were still in Street class trim, now as the car has undergone numerous changes with aero, tires, chassis we head there in the Unlimited class. With the jump to the higher class comes a barrage of competitors, not only that but Road Atlanta had one of the craziest field of Unlimited Class car in years setting up for a battle royal. Some of the heavy hitters included GST Motorsports, Lyfe Motorsports, Professional Awesome, DBW Motorsports and UMS Tuning.

We started out by doing our usual up until the wire modifications which meant that we were turning wrenches up until the moment that the car was put into the trailer. Although that wasn’t until the we spent about 44 of the last 48 hours working as hard as we could.

Although with the long haul to Atlanta ahead it was definitely a bit more difficult than normal. We luckily arrived at Road Atlanta with a few hours to spare which worked out perfect being we still needed a few hours to work on the car. My Dad and I were the lucky ones taking the drive to ATL and lucky for us our videographer Collin of helped us out by taking the drivers seat and making sure we were able to get there on time.

We headed out of CA with our friend Cody Miles who was competing in Street AWD as he helped us transport some of the crew to ATL.

We weren’t allowed into the facility but that didn’t stop us from pulling the car off the trailer in the parking lot and working on it there. Now remember this is after we drove nonstop from California, so everyone was definitely lacking sleep. Once the gates finally opened we then drove it into the facility and began to set up our pit area and finish up what needed to be accomplished. We then had a day of testing ahead of us and you could imagine the excitement on everyone’s tired faces…

The practice day found us finding some small issues quickly and allowed us to save ourselves some real session time, this included our wiring harness almost catching on fire as we had forgot to put our turbo blanket back on causing more heat to be released throughout the engine bay and more importantly directly onto the wires. During this day we were really taking it easy and getting the tune dialed in with the help of Paul of Yimi Sport Tuning. This also gave Ken of Koherent Chassis Workz the ability to check our alignment and make some slight changes to optimize for the track.

After the Thursday practice day everyone in the crew was just dead tired… I know I went back to my hotel room and was mid text and fell asleep at 7pm if that tells you anything about the trip so far. Although getting a good few hours of sleep gave everyone the pep back into their step that they needed to really get the car moving on Friday.

I was really happy that my Dad was able to make the trip with us again and I definitely wouldn’t of been able to make it there without him.

Tony S. Giving out the drivers safety brief in preparation for the fast times to come.

The first day of competition saw its fair share of ups and downs with 2 cars being put out of competition due to incidents that occurred on track. But we were steadily able to improve our times throughout the day utilizing our data provided by ou AEM AQ-1 that Rami was able to extrapolated valuable time out of the car. We made some slight damper changes on our Fortune Auto coilovers and headed back out but this time on our big boy map which turned up the boost on our Borgwarner 9174 turbo netting us north of 700whp.

Once again our time and efforts were very rewarding showing that even on a grueling track with a long straigh such as road Atlanta we were able to keep the car running cool and all the parts on the car while topping out at 172mph! We ended the first day of competition on top!!! With a time of 1:25.0 although we knew that wouldn’t be enough for the top spot at the end of the event it was still amazing to be sitting there with the top dogs of the sport at the event!

Photo by: Motolyric

As you can tell by the picture the grid was a plethora of amazingly fast and able cars just waiting to see which record would be smashed in the process of the event.

Of course we had to have some BBQ after a hard day of racing the clock!

Photo courtesy of FIC

It was great to have our friends from Fuel Injector Clinic come out and see how we use/abuse their 2150cc injectors haha!

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