Global Time Attack Road Atlanta Vol. 2

Photo by: Motolyric

We left off sitting pretty on the top spot in Unlimited AWD after the first day knowing that saturday was truly going to be go fast day for everyone. 

Overall we were amazed and ecstatic that our new aero components were doing an amazing job at giving the car more grip than ever before. Although as we continued to refine our setup we ended up with a few issues which included the need for brake cooling, pushing coolant and a boost control issue. Now of course we did what any team would do, solve our complex issues with amazingly simple solutions which included a catch can for our extra water issue, flushing and braking sooner and just giving it all the boost we could!

Some people might think our splitter is too big, but we always just think bigger is better! Plus a nice shelf for our oil cooler.

Now with the time clicking down on the event we were able to continually improve our time throughout the day moving into the 1:24’s. For reference that is the times that the GTD category runs in the IMSA series around Road Atlanta which shows we are on the right track with our setup.

Photo by: Motolyric

To be able line up with the fastest Time Attack cars in North America is such a privilege and an honor, plus who doesn’t love a couple of badass cars going around the track!

Photo by: Motolyric

So many wings you would think we were all about to take flight!

Photo by: Motolyric

Overall we pushed as hard as we could getting our time down to a 1:24.778 which put us into 4th place in Unlimited AWD and 5th overall at the event.

Collin Chappelle Photography

Link to the new records for Road Atlanta

In our first event out in Unlimited we could not be happier with the result! We still have much testing to accomplish and many changes to make but it takes time to make all of these systems work perfectly with each other.

I cannot thank everyone involved enough from everyone who came on the trip to the guys who couldn’t make it. A special thank you goes out to Peter Tucheniski and his expert engine building he really stepped in and helped us in our time of need. Another huge thanks to Collin Chappelle for providing such amazing track footage and capturing he moment! Thank you for everything Rachel, Paul, Gil, Ken, Rami, Oscar, Aaron, Joe and my Dad.

Photo by: Motolyric

Congratulations to GST motorsports and Jeff Westphal for their new record at Road Atlanta!

Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!


























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