Redline Time Attack Round #3

A few short weeks after our recent trip to Road Atlanta we headed to Redline Time Attack at Streets of Willow. Luckily for us this event took place in our own backyard. We had to opt out of the practice day in order to prep the car for the bumps and bruises that Streets has to offer. Much like actual streets, the course has a multitude of bumps, dips, and other treacherous obstacles to avoid.

So we started by removing components; first the splitter and then the diffuser. We opted to leave the center section of the flatbottom on the car. This let us then get to the rear diff and the transmission to change the fluid. It had been two events and was time to clean up the fluid for our OSGiken front and rear differentials.

Then, Paul had to get to work on replacing our rather large front splitter with our old street class Wasp Composites splitter.

The final item we had to repair was a CV boot on one of our driveshaft shop rear axles. After that, we were good to go for the event.

During the downtime between the two events, we also took the time to go back to APG live and get our graphics touched up a little bit.

So the team showed up on Sunday ready to go. We knew we weren’t going to get very many laps, so we had to make every single lap count.

A primary outcome of this event was determining what we could get out of our AEM AQ-1 Data logging system. For Streets of Willow, power is not the ultimate factor, so we dialed down the boost and relied on the response of our Borg Warner 9174 EFR turbo.

In the practice session, we were able to take the top spot with a 1:20.002 lap. Although this lap was good enough for P1 in qualifying, it would not be good enough for us in the competition.

It’s always amazing to witness some of the fastest cars on the grid all being Subarus and just as importantly, all tuned by Yimi Sport tuning!

Although our first time and time attack did not go to plan, as I set off for the warm-up lap I realized that one of our hood latches was not latched. So I quickly came in and the crew addressed the issue and headed back out. I got onto my hot lap and as I was feverishly pushing the car as fast as I could, I overstepped the boundaries of the braking and as I came through the chicane I blew the braking zone and took the Subaru for a little ride in the dirt. After dropping down to approximately 15 miles an hour, I decided I should probably get it timed lap for my efforts. So I leisurely strolled across the finish line for a time of That was the end of that time attack session and that was the time that we had to sit with till the next.

So, we waited till the next session before we had our real shot at the record. During this time, like usual in this area, the wind started picking up and tried to toss around everyone’s canopies and whatever else it could. Knowing we only had one more chance at the record, we prepped the car and waited for our chance.

One vital aspect to note is that the record was currently held by our dear friend Ivo Tuchenishki. We carry him with us on the car always and his brother Peter is the one who assembled our engine to make this possible. We will always have you in our hearts, race in peace Ivo.

With only one chance, we went out on track and gave it our all. Our first time lap gave us a 1:18.6xx on a more conservative lap making sure I didn’t blow a braking zone. Then on my second lap I ran a 1:18.144! Everyone on the team could not be happier with the time!

Even our buddy Rob got in on it and pulled himself a second place in AWD modified class.

The overall winners from all their respective classes. We took the top honors as overall fastest time of the day.

Once again I can’t be more proud of the entire team coming together once again another late night scenario to get everything completed and running as well as it possibly could.

Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!

Yimi Sport Tuning

Lost Art Liquids

Full-Race Motorsports

Borg Warner

Scat Crankshafts

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JE Pistons

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Supertech Performance

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Advanced Clutch technology

Wasp Composites

Swift Springs

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APR Performance

Yokohama Wheels

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Fuel Injector Clinic

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SoCal Porting


GSC Power Division

Koherent Chassis Workz

PurOl Lubricants

Flat Performance

AEM Induction Systems

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