Big Willow Unlimited AWD: A new record that even the elements couldn’t prevent

The event was rather unusual for Southern California, as we showed up and unpacked the car it began to rain. This instantly began to dampen (pun intended) our hopes. We headed to Willow Springs Raceway to attempt to break the long standing GST Motorsports AWD Time Attack record of 1:19.397. The last time we were at Big Willow we were able to break the long standing record from another legendary Subaru Time Attack driver, JC Meynet in Modified AWD.

Nov-20-2016-ExtremeSpeed - z_Pits-Etc - WS2_9724_Nov2016_by_ZAK-CaliPhoto.jpg

Even though the weather wasn’t in our favor we decided to go out and see what we could accomplish. The first thing we noticed was that grip was way down on the track, Continue reading

Redline Time Attack Round #4

As many of you may know major heat comes to SoCal and it was in full effect as we looked ahead for this event at Buttonwillow Raceway. The forecast showed 108 degree weather with a high chance of heat stroke. But this did not deter us, rather it gave us the chance to show that our car and crew can handle some of the toughest conditions racing has to offer.

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Redline Time Attack Round #3

A few short weeks after our recent trip to Road Atlanta we headed to Redline Time Attack at Streets of Willow. Luckily for us this event took place in our own backyard. We had to opt out of the practice day in order to prep the car for the bumps and bruises that Streets has to offer. Much like actual streets, the course has a multitude of bumps, dips, and other treacherous obstacles to avoid.

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