Performance Driving Instruction

IMG_9447 Private Instruction

Jager Racing provides an instructional environment for drivers who simply want to improve their driving skills and increase their enjoyment of driving their street vehicle. We offer one-on-one private instruction on selected weekday and weekend dates. Contact us for available dates and details.

Jager Racing is about you the driver, individual instruction and ensuring you have a safe environment to learn. all of which is designed to educate you and make you more confident behind the wheel, both on the track and on the street. Helping others to learn from their experience is the ultimate reward and being able to help you learn the joys of the track is something we look forward to.

Performance Driving Instruction ranges from the classroom to in-car training to lead follow drills.

• Passing zones

• Other general driving techniques

• General safe driving techniques

• Each driver receives feedback from his or her instructor at the end of each lesson

• To advanced driving techniques

Advanced High Performance Driving School

This is for the person whom is looking to enhance their performance driving skills but have already preformed many standard track days and have a general concept of what is expected on track. The curriculum includes intensive sector training over various types of corners, using the “heel and toe” downshift technique. In the morning session, we will break the tracks into sections to isolated and learn small sectors of the track and the correct racing line. A braking exercise will also take place that builds upon the braking learned in the one day High Performance Driving School course. The afternoon consists of utilizing the correct lines and braking zones as to give a concrete base for your learning agenda.

Performance Driving Instructing Checklist

Note the rules and regulations specific to the event and the race track. Complete your entry form in its entirety and return it to IMG_5485the person/organization listed. Make absolutely certain your personal driving equipment, (i.e., Helmet, Driving Suit, Gloves/Shoes, etc.) is in good order, and that your car is race-ready BEFORE the first on-track sessions, this can be the most important many people end up missing track time based on issues with their vehicles. Be punctual for your classroom sessions, they are mandatory. Make every effort to have a qualified mechanic on hand to ensure your car runs properly, as you successful depends on it.

Items to check include:

• Wheel bearings, for excess play or wear

• Brake pad/shoe depth – a minimum of 50% remaining Brake fluid – we highly recommend a flush and replacement with high temperature synthetic fluid

• Tires – pressures should be increased 2-3 lbs. from standard pressures (see your expert for more precise guidance on this – and you really should buy a high quality air gauge with dial readout) – tread should have 50% remaining Wheels – snap on parts should be removed and lug nuts should be tightened to recommended torque (usually in the 85 lb range, but check manufacturer recommendation)

• Belts and safety equipment – is all the factory equipment in good shape?

• Fuel – its best to arrive with a full, but not topped off tank – You’ll use fuel quickly on the track and your car is probably engineered to handle properly with a reasonably full load – fuel is available at the track, but it’s a bit pricey

• Coolant/fluids check all appropriate fluids

• Oil should be topped off

Half Day $50.00 USD
Full Day $100.00 USD
Ultimate Day $200.00 USD
Untimate Day w/video $250.00 USD

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