Redline Time Attack Round #4

As many of you may know major heat comes to SoCal and it was in full effect as we looked ahead for this event at Buttonwillow Raceway. The forecast showed 108 degree weather with a high chance of heat stroke. But this did not deter us, rather it gave us the chance to show that our car and crew can handle some of the toughest conditions racing has to offer.

First up we had to do some check ups, this included retorquing our heads, replacing a few parts and ensuring overall that the motor was in good health after a few events of beating on it. Overall we had the motor out and in with no problem within the same day.

One issue we found was with our turbosmart WG actuator, the brass had worn based on not the greatest alignment by us and was allowing a leak. This had to be replaced, Paul was able to make quick work of this.

Ken and Gil went through the motor giving it a once over.

Then Ken went to work on the alignment as we needed to raise the car a bit. Paul also had to do some pulls on the Dyno to ensure the map was all set up now that our WG was acting as it should. Then Sunday Paul and Ken headed out to Subaru Summer Solstice on the cool coast leaving the rest of us to bake at Buttonwillow!

We would also like to welcome AEM Intakes to the team supplying us with their amazing support!

Now we set out on go fast day! In this heat (100+) we were interested to see how our radiator set up would work and let me tell you it really evacuated the heat from the car, now all we need to do is get the heat out of the interior!

With our first practice session on a simple exploratory lap netting us a 1:50 we felt extremely confident with what we could accomplish.

We were able to make some adjustments and gather some much needed data and make improvements to the car by the end of the day. This netting us a time of 1:46.117 leading to the AWD Modified Class win, Overall Mod Class win and Overall fastest time of the day!

Some of the best moments are packing up from a long hot day of racing with the car in tact and a trophy in your hand!

Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!
Yimi Sport Tuning

Lost Art Liquids

Full-Race Motorsports

Borg Warner

AEM Intakes

OS Giken

JE Pistons

JE Pro Seal

AEM Electronics

Supertech Performance

Killer B Motorsports

Advanced Clutch technology

Wasp Composites

Swift Springs

ACL Race Bearings

APR Performance

Yokohama Wheels

Project Mu


Fuel Injector Clinic

Outfront Motorsports

SoCal Porting


GSC Power Division

Koherent Chassis Workz

PurOl Lubricants

Flat Performance

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