2017 Super Lap Battle Preview

Every November brings the largest meal of the year and the largest Time Attack event in North America. Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway Park brings the fastest, wildest, and experienced competition in North America. If you win here you have huge bragging rights as well as a hell of a lot to be proud of. To give you an understanding of the level of competition there has only been 2 Amateur drivers to win the overall (first being Cody Kishel and then Mark Jager). This is a serious competition that will push driver and car to their utmost ability in order to pull off the victory. Continue reading

Big Willow Unlimited AWD: A new record that even the elements couldn’t prevent

The event was rather unusual for Southern California, as we showed up and unpacked the car it began to rain. This instantly began to dampen (pun intended) our hopes. We headed to Willow Springs Raceway to attempt to break the long standing GST Motorsports AWD Time Attack record of 1:19.397. The last time we were at Big Willow we were able to break the long standing record from another legendary Subaru Time Attack driver, JC Meynet in Modified AWD.

Nov-20-2016-ExtremeSpeed - z_Pits-Etc - WS2_9724_Nov2016_by_ZAK-CaliPhoto.jpg

Even though the weather wasn’t in our favor we decided to go out and see what we could accomplish. The first thing we noticed was that grip was way down on the track, Continue reading

Global Time Attack Pro Am WSIR 

Just 6 short days after The Speed Ring event we had Global Time Attack Pro Am at Willow Springs International Raceway. This being our home track was definitely beneficial although as the car performed so well at the previous event all we did was pack it into the trailer and then unpack it at Willow Springs minus a quick suspension setup change and a new CV boot on a rear axle.

Photo by: Snaps Studio

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The Speed Ring presented by HKS USA

Photo by: Byron Yoshida photography

I’ll start by saying that this event seemed to come out of nowhere, we already had a jammed packed 30 day span with Redline Time Attack at the end of July then 86fest/Global Time Attack at the beginning of August and Global Time Attack at the end of August. Then all of a sudden here comes Speed Ring smack dab in the middle of it all, but we decided why the hell not! Now our plans didn’t go as well as we thought to start missing both Redline Time Attack and 86Fest due to upgrades we decided were far too important to wait on. But it all seemed to come together just in time for the Speed Ring event finishing up on the Dyno and final preparations just before midnight on the Friday before which is remarkable timing!

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The Struggle Vol. 10

So now we are in the second week of November 2015 we are working our way towards getting the car complete for Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle. At this time we have already ruled out the idea of actually finishing our aero package to the dismay of Rami (team aerodynamics engineer). Although Wasp Composites was able to build us a brand new  and enormous splitter. This was built to counter act the forces that were provided by APR Performance’s GT1000 dual element Swan neck wing.
 You can see here the difference in surface area in comparison to the splitter we had been using for the last few years in street class. Wasp through with the use of Rami’s design also integrated replaceable rub strips into the design.  Continue reading

The Struggle 2015 Vol. 2

Now that we had the car looking as ragged as possible with perfect timing our new Fortune Auto Dreadnought II coilovers arrived which allowed us to put them on and check fitment. These 2 way coilovers are hand built and made to our spec, they also come with a complete shock dyno graph. Also coming with them are our Swift Springs and their helper springs, although we do plan on doing some changing to find the perfect setup but these will be a great start at 13k all around. 

With the new coilovers ready to install Ken of Koherent Chassis Workz took over and began his art of setting up a baseline setup giving us something to start the year with. But before we were finished with the install we noticed that we were going to run into problems with our rear trailing arms, this led us to contact TSS fab and get a set of their tubular rear trailing arms. As well as this some other items we saw led us to send the coilovers back to Fortune Auto for some alterations. This is made easy being the amount of flexibility that Fortune Auto has within their facility.   


Additionally the decision was made to complete the AP Racing BBK and get the rears to compliment the fronts and really allow the car to be stopped in a big hurry. After having the fronts installed for all of the 2014 season I was more than willing to fork out the cash on these. This is one modification I really wish I could go back in time and do much earlier being the amount of confidence that it allowed me to have in the car. Along with the BBK it is very important to select the correct pad for your style of driving. I use Project Mu racing pads and I could not be happier with their performance. The 999 pads have exceeded my expectations without a doubt. They have an amazing ability to have a great initial bite and not fade like other pads tend to do. Beyond that they also are able to withstand a huge amount of abuse and keep on lasting. 

Here is the bar that Piere added replacing the stock dash bar, keeping it as low as possible and triangulating to the front of the car.  
Next while the car was pretty much empty Gil took the time to take out the rear diff and install our new OS Giken Rear diff.  
Here you see the difference between the stock differential and the new OS Giken piece. Many people ask me for that one piece that they can add to their cars that will make an enormous difference and this is it. One of the best parts about this modification is that is one that you can easily do and most people won’t even know that you have it done. It isn’t a huge eye sore you have to take off between track days or something that is going to make the car completely unreliable… This can easily take 1-2 seconds off your lap time and believe me you will be happy with it.
To go along with the front and rear OS Giken Diffs we installed the MapDCCD controller which allows you to set up maps for your center diff. As we use this more it should come to life a bit more.

And it goes on….
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