Global Time Attack Pro Am WSIR 

Just 6 short days after The Speed Ring event we had Global Time Attack Pro Am at Willow Springs International Raceway. This being our home track was definitely beneficial although as the car performed so well at the previous event all we did was pack it into the trailer and then unpack it at Willow Springs minus a quick suspension setup change and a new CV boot on a rear axle.

Photo by: Snaps Studio

Ken of Koherent chassis workz jumped in there and dialed our Fortune Auto suspension in with some quick camber and we were off and running.

We didn’t have much fuel or tires going into this event so we knew we had to make every lap count. At the same time we wanted to get a feel and see improvement for the enhancements we added to the car since the last time we were at WSIR earlier this year.

Photo by: Snaps Studio

We set out for the first session of the day and were actually very surprised at what one of the additions did. First our new dry sump system we found out takes a bit more time to get the oil up to temperature. Then once a flying lap could be completed I was amazed at the level of high speed grip that the car had. Which is a true testament to all the engineering work from crew member Rami E. Then how Paul of Yimi Sport is able to implement his designs and get them on the car. As well as the Wasp Composites and APR performance aerodynamic elements to which make the cars performance simply amazing.

Photo by: Snaps Studio

Our first session of the day let us know what we already believed, that the car has some serious potential! We posted a time of 1:20.626 which at Big Willow is a very quick time to say the least. The AWD Unlimited Class record is set by GST Motorsports at 1:19.317, a few times aren’t on the list below including the Lyfe Motorsport and my own Mod AWD Record of 1:23.129. But it is an absolute honor to be on that list next to names such as those!


We then decided to go out just one more time to see about improving our time (based on our dying tires). So much of Motorsports comes down to having the right conditions and the right equipment and a little luck. 

So the guys setup the car for one last push! A light brake bleed with some Project Mu fluid and a data download from our AEM Electronics AQ-1 data loggers to go over some parameters. From the data we were able to see how well our Outfront Motorsports Closed deck was performing and see where I could make some improvements.

Here is our final lap with AEM overlay:

The time was a 1:20.360! Although we still have a ways to go it is exciting to know how far we have came! We finished the day on top with the fastest time of the day and 1st place in AWD Unlimited.

I have to thank everyone who gives up their time, energy and skill to make this happen! You know who you are and it is so very appreciated!

Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!
























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