2017 Super Lap Battle Preview

Every November brings the largest meal of the year and the largest Time Attack event in North America. Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway Park brings the fastest, wildest, and experienced competition in North America. If you win here you have huge bragging rights as well as a hell of a lot to be proud of. To give you an understanding of the level of competition there has only been 2 Amateur drivers to win the overall (first being Cody Kishel and then Mark Jager). This is a serious competition that will push driver and car to their utmost ability in order to pull off the victory. Continue reading

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta 2016 vol. 1

The last time that we were able to Road Atlanta with Global Time Attack was back in 2014 when we were still in Street class trim, now as the car has undergone numerous changes with aero, tires, chassis we head there in the Unlimited class. With the jump to the higher class comes a barrage of competitors, not only that but Road Atlanta had one of the craziest field of Unlimited Class car in years setting up for a battle royal. Some of the heavy hitters included GST Motorsports, Lyfe Motorsports, Professional Awesome, DBW Motorsports and UMS Tuning.

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The Struggle 2015 Vol. 1

Super Lap Battle is the largest Time Attack event in North America and the preparation is just as large. For instance you could easily say that it took from SLB 2014 til SLB 2015 for my STI to be prepped for this event… Or you could say that we made so many changes and ran into about every obstacle possible going through the build we thought would be completed in just a few short months and it turn into a year. This volume of articles will cover the struggle that was our build out from the 2015 season or event as it turned out. 


We also were prepping to bring the car back to Pierce Motorsports and have him add on to our cage as Mod/Limited then allows for more additions that will help with ridgity. 


The motor needed to come out as well for a check up. It was a very good thing that we did this being what we found… All four of our rods had been bent and the cylinder bores had been damaged. If we did not break 5th gear during super lap battle and tried to run Redline Time Attack ACS Roval the likelyhood of a catastrophic failure was very high.
We started with great optimism and tons of pizza working on changing our dominant street class car into a dominant Mod/Limited class car. This process involved cutting weight on the car as much as possible, adding larger and more aero components, and why not add more power! Now when I saw that doesn’t it sound like a weekend or so worth of work? HAHA boy when you start to really write out this list of items to be accomplished it really begins to take on a new meaning.   


We had to tube the front of the ar being how much rubbing that kept occurring throughout the last 2 years, although we were going to be pushing the wheels and tires out wider with a different offset and flares we decided at this time it would be better safe than sorry.


We began with the items that would cost the least, which is busting out the sawzall, grinder and drill and taking off anything and everything that we didn’t need. This is where things can get a little tricky, you are making decisions that could easily cost you more work later on if you are wrong so keep in mind we always thought about it quite a bit before cutting. Although I must admit this is the part that I particularly excel at especially the part where you get to cut and hammer. Along with cutting weight with metal reduction Gil and Oscar also went to town working on the wiring harness cutting out any unused wires and connectors. 


Most people would run very very far from this task but Gil and Oscar jumped on it and worked through the entire harness cutting off what we did not need.
The next item on our list was to install our new Fortune Auto Dreadnought Pro coil overs and then try to figure out how to fit our new Yokahama Advan RGIII wheels and more importantly 295 wide tires! As anyone with a GD Subaru knows fitting 255 or 265s are difficult so going wider than that is down right a pain in the ass. So I looking around and found some overfenders but being the company that made them were crap and wouldn’t back up their product. So I then had to buy another set but that was only after we made the attempt to make our own which really did not go very well.


 We chose a set of Yokahama Advans wrapped in Hankook TDs.
 Everyone got into the mix as cutting and hacking is a great stress reliever.

Next up we actually put something on the car!!!

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