Redline Time Attack WSIR 6/22/2014

20140627-065620-24980877.jpgOnce again we find ourselves at Willow Springs International Raceway on a hot summer day pushing 98 degrees with the usual blow dryer effect wind that is so common, these days can test your cars health, your own health and mental strength.


20140627-062132-22892252.jpg Something many forget is that teams just don’t show up to the track ready to go, it takes more hours than we can count in the garage trying to get the setup perfect, adjusting, measuring, or whatever we can or have to do to make it the fastest car possible. As a driver I spend countless hours evaluating data and video from previous events to ensure that I can deliver when the time comes.
For this event we decided that we should bleed the Project Mu brake fluid for the first time this year, we were doing some endurance testing in comparison to what we had seen in the past and I can say that I am astonished with the fluid and pads provided by Project Mu. The 999 pad has such a high amount of initial bite but yet is still surprisingly easy on the rotor, it is one I would highly recommend to any track day goer.

20140627-062939-23379263.jpg Thankfully we had a garage for this event as it allowed the crew and myself some much needed shade the ability to not be wind blown all day. The time attack sessions were scheduled for 12:00 and 4:00, so I stepped out to get the tires up to temp as well as give a ride along.

20140627-063214-23534869.jpg As you can see by his smile it was something he enjoyed as well as something I enjoy doing, giving another person their first on track experience.
Now with tires up to speed and the first time attack session ready to go I headed out to see if I could break my own record from last year of 1:27.3, although it was not a perfect lap I was able to accomplish a 1:27.0 setting a new best. As well as my suspension master Ken Kasitz in his Enthusiast Class WRX going 1:30.7 setting a new record in his class.


20140627-063809-23889321.jpg Ken Kasitz
So after reviewing some more data I decided to go out in the afternoon session to see if I could improve on my time, even though the heat was still upon us. Luckily I was able to monitor my coolant temperature as well as datalog many other parameters using my new Cobb Accessport V3 so that Paul from Yimi Sport Tuning could make adjustments when needed. It also helps to keep things cool by having the Killer B Motorsports Oil Pan and ACL Orbits Oil Pump more oil and better flow is always better when trying to stay cool.


20140627-064404-24244467.jpg I geared up and mentally prepped for the TA session in hopes to push the car to new limits.

20140627-064528-24328698.jpg In this final TA session I was able to go 1:26.566 setting a new AWD and Overall Street Time Attack Record!
Watch the lap here:

I cannot thank my team and sponsors enough for giving me the best car possible to be on track with!


20140627-064835-24515620.jpg It was a successful day for the entire team with podium finishes all the way around.



20140627-065245-24765402.jpgGil Martin 2nd Place and Mike Bushrod 3rd Place FWD Enthusiast Class

20140627-065245-24765271.jpg Ken Kasitz 1st Place AWD Enthusiast

20140627-065505-24905559.jpg Gil Martin


20140627-065929-25169387.jpg Borg Warner EFR Turbo on display.
Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!
Yimi Sport Tuning
Full-Race Motorsports
Borg Warner
Scat Crankshafts
JE Pistons
Supertech Performance
Killer B Motorsport
South Bend Clutches
Wasp Composites
Swift Springs
ACL Race Bearings
Mil Spec
APR Performance
Project Mu
AP Racing
Fuel Injector Clinic
Outfront Motorsports
SoCal Porting
GSC Power Division
Koherent Chassis Workz
Cobb Tuning

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