My first Karting experience at Willow Springs

This past weekend my wife gave me a present that any auto enthusiast would love, a full day of shifter kart fun at Willow Springs!

It is an awesome way to get yourself into a shifter kart, 4 stroke kart, kid kart or even a Radical.
They have the ability and staff to allow anyone from young to old to hop into ones of these karts and get an idea of their speed and their incredible handling.


20140630-173630-63390089.jpg One thing many people will enjoy is the ability to show up drive and then head home without having to worry about prepping or packing the kart or having to stress about breaking at the track. They took care of everything allowing you to just have a great time, including when you happen to spin and can’t get it back started… Not like that happened to me or anything.
Here is my video of my on track fun:

Another bonus for me was that the event was very open and you were able to get an enormous amount of time on track, it was almost unbelievable, the only thing that kept most people out of a kart was the fact that it was 100 degrees so they needed to drink some water.


The karts were kept very well and as I used 3 different shifter karts which all have their differences they all were similar enough that you could make slight changes and drive them as hard or as fun as you wanted.


20140630-174109-63669371.jpg An interesting part of the experience was the diversity of people of which were out driving the karts, we had over 50s, woman, children, and people who had never been in a kart before! So don’t think you have anything that would hold you back from getting out there and giving them a try.

Here is a random cool car to look at, a radical torn down for repairs and maintenance.





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