365 days in 1:50.206 –Super Lap Battle Finale

With an entire season of testing and running Redline Time Attack and Global Time Attack events under our belts, the team set our sights on the end of the year event: Super Lap Battle presented by Global Time Attack. This event tends to draw out all sorts of people. who show up with some of the wildest cars you can imagine. This event provides some of the best competition and fastest lap times imaginable.
We had the privilege to be in the BorgWarner booth at SEMA this year which meant that we had one less week to prepare for this intense event, even though we made significant changes to our aero package including new Wasp Composites Splitter, diffuser, trunk and new APR Performance Swan Neck GT-250 wing. All of these changes meant that we had to work even harder on the Thursday test day before the event to get the balance of the car settled in order to be able to lay the perfect lap down.IMG_0115

A big reason for so many aero changes were based on testing Rami E. and Gil Martin have been doing throughout the season. At every event we attend and every run we make we make sure to utilize to our utmost advantage collecting data to enable us to go faster the next time out. Gil also does systematic checks on the car in between runs checking everything from our Project Mu pads to the level of our Pur-Ol oil.
Paul Leung from Yimi Sport Tuning was busy checking the tune of the car and the Road Rage Gage for the turbo shaft speed to ensure we were getting every last bit of power out of the BorgWarner 7163 EFR turbo knowing that the Outfront Motorsports closed deck block with Scat Crankshaft and rods attacked JE forged Pistons would be able to handle whatever he threw at it! Obviously we use a Cobb Accessport V3 to control our Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc Aeromotive injectors and fuel supply.IMG_0063
After our Thursday test day we were feeling very confident in the car and its ability to perform, so that meant I needed to be able to push myself in order to show what the car could do. This was made much easier with the help of Aaron Gillis providing all the GoPro footage and GPS data enabling substantial review from Ken Kasitz of Koherent Chassis Workz and myself. Even though Ken primarily sets up the suspension his exceptional driving ability is crucial in dissecting data that will make us faster on race day.
It felt like just yesterday we were at Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle facing off against Massimo Power driven by Brian Bengali, but this year after locking up Street Class 2 years in a row they now have Adam Knapik driving and took their car to Limited Class. This year, our main competitors were Craig Peyron of Outlaw Motorsports, Rif from Platform AG, Ken Suen of GodSpeed, and Rob Walker from Evasive Motorsports. All of these competitors have the ability to put down some amazing times and we knew we had to push every limit to get that slight advantage and take home the victory.
Dang that Mothers Polish SHINES!!!
With fresh tires mounted on Rays Gramlight 57Xtreme wheels and the car prepped and ready, we set out on the morning practice session. Because we showed up a little late, we only had time to do one quick scrub of the tires and then one hot lap which happened to be a 1:50 unofficially breaking the old record by 2.5 seconds! With more time still in the car, we felt great at where we were and continued to buckle down… When I say that I don’t mean into our amazingly comfortable Sabelt seats haha.
Now let the fun begin, the Time Attack sessions start and right out of the gate we throw down a 1:50.206 a new AWD and Overall Street Class Record!
Lap Video:

There are times in your life when you have to really put things into perspective and for me this is definitely one of them. I ran GTA/SLB back in 2012 with my good friend Joe from Eastside Muffler with a 2006 STI with nothing more than lowering springs and hopes and dreams– now a few years later, here I am standing on top of the podium setting a new overall record. My overall excitement is through the roof and I don’t believe that it has even sunken in completely yet.
I cannot thank my team and supporters enough for the roles that they provide. My wife, Rachel, supports and helps with so much I know I could not have achieved this without her support. To my entire crew: Paul, Gil, Ken, Rami, Aaron, Alex, and Mike– you guys worked so hard throughout the entire day and the entire year to make the car be the best that it could possibly be. This group of people are destined for greatness with their passion and dedication that is unparalleled. IMG_0008

I am deeply indebted to all of my sponsors that believed in my pursuit and I thank you all!
Yimi Sport Tuning
Full-Race Motorsports
Borg Warner
Scat Crankshafts
JE Pistons
Supertech Performance
Killer B Motorsport
South Bend Clutches
Wasp Composites
Swift Springs
ACL Race Bearings
Mil Spec
APR Performance
Project Mu
AP Racing
Fuel Injector Clinic
Outfront Motorsports
SoCal Porting
GSC Power Division
Koherent Chassis Workz
Mother Polish
Road Rage Gage’s
Ginormous Design Group

Congratulations to all my friends in achieving personal bests and new records, Cody Kiesel, Professional Awesome, Amir Bentatou, Angry Panda Racing, Carson Racing, Tony Brown, Renner Motorsport, Lyfe Motorsports, GST Motorsports, Rif and Platform AG, Snail Performance, and many others.
Some additional pics from the event:

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