New Season, New Class, Big Upgrades

After the amazing 2014 season the build for the 2015 season started instantly at Yimi Sport Tuning although first we had to fix what we broke at Super Lap Battle which was the transmission as it tends to be, although this time it was 5th gear instead of the usual 4th. 


With the transmission pulled the decision then came to pull the motor and send it to Outfront Motorsports to evaluate the condition. An interesting piece of usual Forum talk is about the use of GSC cams and there wear on different items in the head. Lets just say that it appears to be just another form of some of the usual garbage that you find on the forums from guys that improperly installed or broke the new parts in.  Now GSC Power Division is producing Billet cams for the EJ series motors as well as many more. My JE Pistons, Scat Crankshaft and JE Pro Seal head gaskets all looked perfect. 


Now one of the largest upgrades the car will see is a larger set of wheels and tire and being that I wanted to use a set of wheels that will be able to withstand the abuse from berms and dropping tires which is why I called up Mackin Industries and got a set of 18×10.5 +25 Yokohama Advan RGIII’s. Besides the fact that they are astonishing to lay your eyes upon they are some of the strongest wheels available. They are going to allow for the use of tires ranging from 275-295.  


The next big item to allow for more grip to be added was a set of the Fortune Auto Dreadnought Pro 2 way adjustable coilovers. We were lucky enough to team up with them and with their amazing product support, customer service and overall product we have high hopes for what these will give back to us. As well as new coilovers we installed a few other of the few Whiteline suspension products such as the rear anti-sway bar mount seen below.

 Now before we could add anything we needed to take out some items to allow Pierce Motorsports to go through and add to our cage that they had done for us last year. One of the items was going ahead and doing the dash bar and connecting to the front suspension mounts. Now besides the cage we pulled the wiring harness out and did some custom cutting and pulled what we could off of it in efforts to get rid of some weight and complexity.  Thinking oh just cutting some wires is easy right… yaaaa  With all the wiring being cut we called up AEM Electronics for their AQ-1 Data logger and a slew of gauges which will help our understanding of what is going on in the motor as well as what our aero package is doing. We are just about finished with the installation with much more information coming on this.  These AEM Electronics digital gauges are amazing and with the ability to be changed to whatever gauge you want (within reason such as oil temp to water temp) or switching the gauge faces from black to white. I would also imagine creating your own custom faces would be a very easy task.  The wiring continues, and with everything tested out a permanent connector would then be applied.


Much more to come… So stay tuned!