Victory at GTA Super Lap Battle

Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle is the largest Time Attack event of the year, with the biggest and best teams from all across North America showing up in order prove who is the fastest. I have been participating in the event every year since 2012.IMG_8196.JPG

Since then, the car has changed immensely through the support of people such as my wife Rachel, Paul Leung of Yimi Sport, Gil Martin, Ken Kasitz, Rami E., Rob Campbell, Oscar Huicochea, Aaron Gillis, Mike Jager, Nick Holloway and many more. Continue reading

The Speed Ring presented by HKS USA

Photo by: Byron Yoshida photography

I’ll start by saying that this event seemed to come out of nowhere, we already had a jammed packed 30 day span with Redline Time Attack at the end of July then 86fest/Global Time Attack at the beginning of August and Global Time Attack at the end of August. Then all of a sudden here comes Speed Ring smack dab in the middle of it all, but we decided why the hell not! Now our plans didn’t go as well as we thought to start missing both Redline Time Attack and 86Fest due to upgrades we decided were far too important to wait on. But it all seemed to come together just in time for the Speed Ring event finishing up on the Dyno and final preparations just before midnight on the Friday before which is remarkable timing!

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Global Time Attack Road Atlanta 2016 vol. 1

The last time that we were able to Road Atlanta with Global Time Attack was back in 2014 when we were still in Street class trim, now as the car has undergone numerous changes with aero, tires, chassis we head there in the Unlimited class. With the jump to the higher class comes a barrage of competitors, not only that but Road Atlanta had one of the craziest field of Unlimited Class car in years setting up for a battle royal. Some of the heavy hitters included GST Motorsports, Lyfe Motorsports, Professional Awesome, DBW Motorsports and UMS Tuning.

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The Struggle Vol. 10

So now we are in the second week of November 2015 we are working our way towards getting the car complete for Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle. At this time we have already ruled out the idea of actually finishing our aero package to the dismay of Rami (team aerodynamics engineer). Although Wasp Composites was able to build us a brand new  and enormous splitter. This was built to counter act the forces that were provided by APR Performance’s GT1000 dual element Swan neck wing.
 You can see here the difference in surface area in comparison to the splitter we had been using for the last few years in street class. Wasp through with the use of Rami’s design also integrated replaceable rub strips into the design.  Continue reading

The Struggle 2015 Vol. 6

 As the motor is finished by the guys of Flat Performance Yimi Sport starts prepping the rest of the parts that will be needed in order for it to fire up. Obviously one of the first things needed would be fuel, so once again we called upon Aeromotive to provide us with the best fueling parts in the industry. We snagged up one of their new X1 regulator, a Y splitter, a bunch of AN fittings, and a new Eliminator Fuel pump stepping up from their A1000 fuel pump the year before.   
As well as fuel air is essential so we contacted Skunk 2 Racing to increase our throttle body diameter to match our inter cooler piping that Paul Leung of Yimi Sport Tuning was going to start on once the motor was installed. Fitment and instructions on the skunk2 unit was perfect and we popped it on with ease. 

 We picked up the biggest and baddest clutch Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) has to offer for a Subaru! We were using a slightly lower version the year before and needed to upgrade to hold the power we were looking to make. Their monolock is something everyone should have and is now included in their kits. 

At this point we decided that we wanted to go ahead and do a fuel cell in the car for the added safety as well to shave weight off the car… Soooo we started hacking away at the car again.    

This put Paul into hyperdrive working on a mounting solution that would be as light as possible and yet strong enough to hold the weight of the fuel. We went with a Pyrotect 9.5 gallon tank to ensure that our fuel would continually flow to our engine.

Speaking of fuel flowing into the engine, we have been using Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors for the last 2 seasons and before that a smaller set of their injectors. They have been highly reliable and install perfectly everything. One item that Paul continually gripes about when people come in for tunes off the street is that they will have some off the wall brand or just some injectors that are not flowing or have poor spray characteristics. 
Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!

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