The Struggle 2015 Vol. 5

At this point during the 2015 build we finally starting seeing some very important items start to show up one being our closed deck block from Outfront Motorsports as well as our new spare transmission. Many people believe the 6 speeds are indestructible but let me tell you they are not! I have managed to kill 3 of them in the last 2 years, 2 of the 3 times it was 4th gear and 2 of the 3 times were at Buttonwillow Raceway. 

The short block came assembled from Outfront with a Scat Crankshaft, ACL Bearings, Manley turbo tuff rods, and JE Pistons. We were very excited to get it in the car and crank it over for the first time but first we had a lot of assembly to do. Gil and Oscar got started by assembling the heads that SoCal Porting did an amazing job making sure we would be able to flow as much as possible! They then started to add the Supertech Valvetrain and GSC Power Division S2 cams. 

 Now although we have yet to have any Headgaskets issues to date with the car we decided to utilize Outfronts 1/2 ARP headstuds, this was decided based on the application which was going to be a Subaru making around 600WHP. The year prior we were using the ARP 625+ with the JE Pro Seal Gaskets and they held together all year without an issue. This time using the 1/2 and the Pro Seals we expected no issues whatsoever. 


Now as we dove deeper into the engine build other items started t show up like our Killer B Motorsports Oil Pan, Pickup, Shift Knob, and water neck. As you might be able to tell by that little list Killer B has a great selection of parts that greatly help the reliability and performance of any Subaru. 

As you might notice from the picture above the oil pump is not the standard silver. It is an Orbitz oil pump, we have been using them on the car for the past 3 seasons to perfection which go great with our ACL Race Bearings.

 Flat Performance got the long block all put together at Yimi Sport and ready to slide into the car. This included our Full Race Motorsports exhaust manifold and BorgWarner turbo. After we slap it in the car we will have a few misc parts to put on and then we can crank it over for the first time!!!!


Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!

<a href=””>Yimi Sport Tuning</a>

<a href=””>Lost Art Liquids</a>

<a href=””>Full-Race Motorsports</a>

Borg Warner 

<a href=””>Scat Crankshafts</a>

<a href=””>JE Pistons</a> 

<a href=””>Supertech Performance</a> 

<a href=””>Killer B Motorsport</a>

<a href=””>Advanced Clutch Technology</a> 

<a href=””>Wasp Composites</a>

<a href=””>Swift Springs</a>

<a href=””>ACL Race Bearings</a>

<a href=””>Mil Spec</a>

<a href=””>APR Performance</a>

<a href=””>Rays</a&gt;

<a href=””>Project Mu</a>

AP Racing

<a href=””>GTSPEC</a&gt;

<a href=””>Whiteline</a&gt;

<a href=””>Fuel Injector Clinic</a>

<a href=””>Outfront Motorsports</a>

<a href=””>SoCal Porting</a>

<a href=””>Aeromotive</a>&nbsp;

<a href=””>GSC Power Division</a> 

<a href=””>Koherent Chassis Workz</a>

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