The Struggle 2015 Vol. 4

Some of you keen observers may have noticed that the hood new hood was already on the car… Well ya that happened as well. Thankfully in the background of all the cutting and chopping and wiring and welding Wasp composites was working on our new and much lighter carbon fiber hood. Along with the hood Singular Motorsports and Rami were working on the hood louder design in an effort to ensure that we have the best available airflow and move the most amount of heat out of the engine bay.

These were designed after we did extensive testing on the body to know exactly where we would get the most amount of heat extraction. Some might thing that oh they are just louvers that could not have taken that long… Well let’s just say that we like to ensure that our designs are going to be successful. That is why Rami was the head of this task, he has constantly proven himself in these situations proving to be the best organized as well as the greatest level of detail covering all the angles.

  I was lucky enough to have Richard help with the most fun part of the project… Cutting the carbon fiber to fit in the new louvers.
Richard also stuck around to start the next task which was tryin for a 3rd time to add the fender flares. A side note, I attempted to get another set of flares from a dealer online which I asked numerous times about fitment and low and behold they were complete crap. Even better was after I received them and reported back about the poor fitment he then sold them for half price indicating poor fitment but wouldn’t help me out… So screw that guy. This time I finally got we a company that cared about their products fitment and looks. Juggaurnaut Aero Designs came out with a very good looking set of fender flares that are tailored to fit my year (as well as basically any other year or model of Subaru).

Check out those Snap On tools in action!

Occasionally we all start to lose our minds…. The build process is starting to really get to everyone as we are all dying to get back to the track and get on the part where we go fast. Although things are about to take a very interesting turn and then we have to get ready for Subiefest in a hurry!!!


Alex and Oscar on the other hand were just prepping for the new power plant and working on their Fast and the Furious faces.

 When the new Full Race Manifold and BorgWarner turbo shows up and people get a little excited!

One thing to note, everyone on this team has a full time day job which means everyone is working on this project voluntarily and without any compensation. Every drop of our free time goes into this and when I say that around May we started to work on the project every Saturday and Sunday every week for 10-14 hours a day. Some are planning, some are building, some are just beating our heads against the wall. But without a doubt each member of the team is giving it their all. I cannot thank them enough or show enough gratitude to them for the amount of energy that they put into this team. 
Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!

<a href=””>Yimi Sport Tuning</a>

<a href=””>Lost Art Liquids</a>

<a href=””>Full-Race Motorsports</a>

Borg Warner 

<a href=””>Scat Crankshafts</a>

<a href=””>JE Pistons</a> 

<a href=””>Supertech Performance</a> 

<a href=””>Killer B Motorsport</a>

<a href=””>Advanced Clutch Technology</a> 

<a href=””>Wasp Composites</a>

<a href=””>Swift Springs</a>

<a href=””>ACL Race Bearings</a>

<a href=””>Mil Spec</a>

<a href=””>APR Performance</a>

<a href=””>Rays</a&gt;

<a href=””>Project Mu</a>

AP Racing

<a href=””>GTSPEC</a&gt;

<a href=””>Whiteline</a&gt;

<a href=””>Fuel Injector Clinic</a>

<a href=””>Outfront Motorsports</a>

<a href=””>SoCal Porting</a>

<a href=””>Aeromotive</a>&nbsp;

<a href=””>GSC Power Division</a> 

<a href=””>Koherent Chassis Workz</a>


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