The Struggle 2015 Vo.9

The motor is in and it all runs so we should be all in the green correct…. Yea right! Now the fun starts again.

So at this point we decided that we need to pull the motor back out based on some conversations that we had and what might be the problem. We first pulled the motor and swapped out the oil pump and oil pickup being that those are 2 items that could cause issues with oil pressure beside the worst problem of all… The mains…


So after we took the motor out again we went ahead and measured the mains and they were out of tolerances.

So we made the decision to move the spare block, but before we assembled the motor we decided to check the main clearances. Good thing we did being that it needed a align bore. So we get the motor back up to Outfront to get this all completed oh and did I tell you that it is now October and Super Lap is right around the corner!

But before we get all of that done why not take a trip to SEMA!

Here is some great Time Attack family!


Great dinners with all the family.

Now we get back to the shop and get the car up and running!
Gil and Oscar spent a lot of sleepless nights getting this ready just in time! Without a doubt the weeks leading up to SLB have been some of the most stressful ever with this team! And it hasn’t even begun to start to bring the completely sleepless nights yet!

More to come…
Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!


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