The Struggle 2015 Vol. 8

At some point I somehow completely forgot to mention all the time and effort that Gil spent installing all of our AEM Electronics gauges and AQ-1 Data logging system. We were really looking to find a way to give us more feedback and actual data after each run. That accompanied by my feedback and video footage would give us a great idea of what the car is actually doing on track.

Here is a close up of the indiviual gauge.  
We also installed a new DCCD controller called MapDCCD, it allows for us to have much more control over our center differential. 

The AQ-1 itself is generally hidden but Rami will be utilizing this unit every time we go out on track. We developed 2 wire harnesses so that we can log 2 separate systems, one being an Aero harness and the other being a Engine harness.

 This is the overall layout of the interface that I get to utilize when I go out. Without a doubt Gil did an amazing job completing the new information center.   
Now some of you might be thinking hmm that’s a lot of gauges to watch but they are all very important when you are trying to complete a lap in the time that we are and keep the motor all in one piece. Hopefully, later on in the cars lifespan it will also adapt AEM Electronics new dash being that it is visually astonishing. Seeing it at SEMA I instantly wanted someone to take my money!

Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!

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