Remembering Ivo

Many people know Ivo for his astounding Subaru 22B build; it is a build that people will stop and take a picture of no matter if they are on the freeway or a sidestreet. It has also brought up more conversations between car guys than you can imagine, it is that iconic.


 One of the most amazing and impressive features of the car was that it is still registered on the street and Ivo would drive it on the constant. He would take it on canyon runs or just cruise to pick up some food. Even with all the accolades that he received for the car he was incredibly humble and always asked other people about their builds and was genuinely interested.

The first time I came into contact with Ivo was when he was working with their massively impressive BMW racecar. It’s attention to detail left you instantly impressed and asking questions of all sorts.  

Although most knew Ivo for the cars he built the lucky ones were able to take the time and get to know him for the man he was. Through our time at the track and the times off I was able to be one of the lucky ones that were able to call him my friend and got to enjoy the time spent with him. He was able to touch many people through cars and motorsports.

Our trip to Road Atlanta for a Global Time Attack event was definitely an experience I will not forget and I am sure everyone on the 2 teams won’t either.

Ivo of Renner Motorsports was a man that will be remembered by everyone he came into contact with as a man that would do anything for anyone. He went out of his way to make your life better, whether it was to congratulate you on an excellent lap or help you fix the problem that everyone said was unfixable. He was well loved by everyone as the outpouring from the entire community showed the level of admiration that people have for him.

I know that I will always remember Ivo and I can only hope to be as good a man as he was.   

Thank you for everything Ivo, I am proud to have been able to call you friend and will miss you greatly.

 Photo credit: Import Tuner

This campaign was created for those friends of Ivo and Renner Motorsport who want to help in some way. He is survived by his two 9 year old twin boys, and his wife. The funds will go to his two boys college fund and future endeavors. I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. The amount of support from the community is overwhelming. 

(no fee if friends and family)


Race In Paradise Ivo

12-7-69 to 12-6-15


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