Redline Time Attack ACS Infield 2014

Going into this part of the 2014 season I knew it was going to be hard, as the team just got back from a tough trip to Road Atlanta with GTA and within 3 days we had to be ready for another battle at Redline Time Attack. Paul Leung of Yimi Sport Tuning got working on the car the minute it was off the trailer from ATL in order to get everything ready to go. With tough competition from Ramon Ornelas (6 Others in AWD Street class) and many others Street Class overall it is not something you simply show up to and walk away a victor.



This event was won by the members of the team; they endure heat, sleepless nights, and time away from family all in the name of going fast.
I cannot express to them enough the gratitude that I have for everything that they do. So again I say thank you to my friends and crew Paul Leung, Ken Kasitz, Gil Martin, Alex Goss, Rob “the slut” Campbell, Rommy, Aaron Gillis, and a very special thank you to my Wife Rachel Jager.
With the last 2 events being used as shakedown for the car we headed into ACS more confident than ever. We had now found a way to better separate air from oil and then getting it back into the motor thanks to Chris of Killer B Motorsport and Paul of Yimi Sport working together to engineer a solution as well as ensuring more time spent on track. Although since this was one of the first time we were able to complete multiple hot laps in a session I may have overdone it just a bit staying out and sliding the car around until I overheated the center diff, but boy was it fun! I have to say the difference I was able to feel in the overall handling of the car was amazing, I attribute to the new GTSPEC rear diff brace and trunk cage, it felt much more ridged which promoted the car to have a bit more oversteer instead of the standard Subaru’s understeer. Although having the power of my Borg Warner EFR7163 does help with oversteer as well POWA!!!

20140528-065349-24829769.jpg I was able to qualify the car in good position sitting on top of street class and in he top 5 overall for the event.

20140528-065822-25102601.jpg The first time attack session came and we were ready to lay down what we thought would be the best possible time based on the coming heat in the afternoon, running a 1:10.6xx which would give us the fastest time attack time of the day in a street class car!


Some changes to the suspension needed to be accomplished based on data and feel so Ken Kasitz of Koherent Chassis Workz went in to make some small tweaks. Meanwhile Gil Martin went through the braking system to ensure all the stopping power was going to be there when I needed it from the Project Mu brake pads and AP Racing BBK.

20140528-071127-25887522.jpg In the last time attack session I was able to improve to 1:10.105 which would be the 2nd Fastest Time of the day in the entire field.


In the end it was an amazing 2 weeks, walking away with 2 overall street class victories and many memories. Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!

Yimi Sport Tuning
Full-Race Motorsports
Borg Warner
Scat Crankshafts
JE Pistons
Supertech Performance
Killer B Motorsport
South Bend Clutches
Wasp Composites
Swift Springs
ACL Race Bearings
Mil Spec
APR Performance
Project Mu
AP Racing
Fuel Injector Clinic
Outfront Motorsports
SoCal Porting
GSC Power Division
Koherent Chassis Workz








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