Track life, family and friends

As another birthday came and left yesterday and I began to think about the last few years and I must say I feel like they have been some of the best of my life. I have had the opportunity to grow as a person and go after goals to which I never thought were possible. I have always had aspirations to do anything with cars but I always found the most joy in the drivers seat and now I can say that I am enjoying every minute of it. One of the best moments was marrying my wife, I know all of this could not of been possible if not for my loving and gorgeous wife, she has always stood behind me in my endeavors and pushed me to new heights.

One of the best experiences I have had recently is being able to share what I love to do with my father, being that he lives in Michigan and I live in California seeing each other on a regular basis is quite tough.

20140606-084448-31488019.jpgOur trip to Road Atlanta was an adventure of which I will not forget, I was able to share with him the passion I have for racing as well as show him the dedication and friendships that come from it as well.

I cannot thank the people at Extreme Speed Track Events enough for bringing me into their organization and allowing me to grow as a driver and as a person. The relationships that came are invaluable to me, I was able to meet so many quality people throughout the years it almost amazes me. This is something I want everyone to understand, you may just be going to an HPDE event or a Time Attack or any other Race but the people throughout the paddock are people from all walks of life and if you allow it they can easily turn into life long friends. You might think that you are just talking about cars or borrowing tools but really the bonds you share mean much more. I know that for me the track is a second home where I love to go and see all the people that make it such an amazing place to be.

20140606-083523-30923869.jpg I have been to at all sorts of events from Redline Time Attack, Global Time Attack, Extreme Speed Track Events, SEMA and many others but the one thing that I continue to see is that it all comes down to the people at these events which makes them a joy to be at.





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