Project Track Time Comes to Life

A few months ago, a friend decided that he was sick of his 1993 Mazda Miata after he figured out it had a blown headgasket. So being the good friend that I am I offered to take it off his hands and he was more than happy to oblige. All that I wanted was a car that I could drive to the track, have as much fun as possible and then drive home. Which brings us to Project Track Time!

 Gold Turn 2 WSR_9161_Mar1117_CaliPhoto Continue reading

The difference with a differential 

Many people focus on power, suspension or tires trying to find that extra bit of time or grip or whatever it is they are looking for. But somehow people overlook the addition of a quality differential. Over the last year this is something that I wished I would have upgraded years ago. When I added my OS Giken front and rear differentials to my STI I didn’t realize the value they would then add without the issues that so many other differentials bring to the table.

Here is a comparison of the OS Giken rear differential vs the stock STI differential. OS Giken will tune the differentials to your liking prior to shipping them to you which is unlike other manufacturers. This really helps quicken the installation process. OS Giken offers a Front and Rear differential set for the STI. Continue reading

Big Willow Unlimited AWD: A new record that even the elements couldn’t prevent

The event was rather unusual for Southern California, as we showed up and unpacked the car it began to rain. This instantly began to dampen (pun intended) our hopes. We headed to Willow Springs Raceway to attempt to break the long standing GST Motorsports AWD Time Attack record of 1:19.397. The last time we were at Big Willow we were able to break the long standing record from another legendary Subaru Time Attack driver, JC Meynet in Modified AWD.

Nov-20-2016-ExtremeSpeed - z_Pits-Etc - WS2_9724_Nov2016_by_ZAK-CaliPhoto.jpg

Even though the weather wasn’t in our favor we decided to go out and see what we could accomplish. The first thing we noticed was that grip was way down on the track, Continue reading

Victory at GTA Super Lap Battle

Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle is the largest Time Attack event of the year, with the biggest and best teams from all across North America showing up in order prove who is the fastest. I have been participating in the event every year since 2012.IMG_8196.JPG

Since then, the car has changed immensely through the support of people such as my wife Rachel, Paul Leung of Yimi Sport, Gil Martin, Ken Kasitz, Rami E., Rob Campbell, Oscar Huicochea, Aaron Gillis, Mike Jager, Nick Holloway and many more. Continue reading