Borg Warner EFR7163 and Full-Race Motorsports Header

This Borg Warner EFR7163 is a key element to the build, everything for the motor has been built to work with this turbo in and effort to enable it to flow to its maximum potential.


Some features of the Turbo:
Mixed Flow Gamma-Ti turbine wheel
Forged milled extended tip compressor wheel

Military-grade dual ceramic ball bearing assembly with silver plated metal cage
Stainless steel turbine housing
Water cooled light-weight Aluminum bearing housing
Large internal wastegate (optional)
Compressor recirculation valve (aka BOV)
Boost control solenoid valve
T25, T4 and V-Band Turbine Housing options to fit a variety of installations
Between the recirculation valve and the internal wastegate it make the cost of this turbo a steal, giving you all the pieces to the puzzle in one compact piece.

Now one of the best ways to allow the Borg Warner EFR turbo to flow is to attach a Full-Race Motorsports Header and Uppipe.

As you can see the header is a work of art and with the Full-Race quality it is hard to imagine going with any others.


It utilizes a VBand clamp which makes installation a breeze as well as any changes for future… Such as a turbo upgrade.


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