Kyle Schick

In the Driver’s Seat with Kyle Schick


You can’t help but notice the Lyfe Motorsport Nissan GTR at events; from its attention-getting yet tasteful black & gold color scheme, to the consistent podium finishes… There’s no denying the presence of this team. Jager Racing got the opportunity to learn more about Kyle Schick of Lyfe Motorsport and why 2015 is going to require his team to keep their passports handy! IMG_0052

Jager Raing (JR): First, tell us about your car and its major modifications. Does your car happen to have a name? If so, is there a story behind it?

Kyle Schick (KS): We’re currently driving a heavily modified Nissan GT-R in both wheel to wheel and time attack.  I think the vin number hasn’t been modified yet.  Right now it’s got a 1000whp 4 liter, twin turbo, v6, stroked motor pushing her heavy butt around the track.  A nice snow shovel of a front splitter keeps the front end from wandering and a big over-mount wing in the back does the same for her rear. An Ohlins 4 way suspension keeps her well planted.  Those are some of the highlights, I could write an entire essay on mods done to this little beasty and still not be complete.  She has no name, except maybe referred to as my on again, off again girlfriend for obvious reasons.

(JR): What competitions are you in this year? Which class? What made you choose these particular competitions?

(KS): We plan on attending Global Time Attack as often as possible in TTU. Local NASA events (of course) are always a good time.  We will be headed to Pikes Peak in June– as long as Cole doesn’t break anything– because you have to do that at least once, I mean come on man, it’s PIKES PEAK.  I’d like to get out to Road Atlanta again as well, that is a seriously fun track.  Finally, we are currently putting things together and aiming to make a run to Australia in October for World time attack because: why not?  Then, wrap up with a return to super lap battle for a fun season finisher.  lyfe

(JR) What got you started into cars and racing?

(KS) I’ve always loved cars and dreamt of going fast. I grew up in the 80’s dreaming of Lambo’s and Corvette’s. Finally, I was able to realize some of those dreams a few years ago and got a GT-R cause….. well yeah… it’s a GT-R, baby.  Once I had that fast car, I immediately started making it faster and it was all down a very slippery slope from there.  I sit here now in January counting down the days till I can pull her back out and spend some quality time again!

(JR) What is some advice you would give someone starting out?

(KS) My advice: don’t just sit around wishing. Get out and do it. I’ve been surprised at the cars people will race; this means that Chevy cobalt, Dodge Dart, or even that Miata… Well, maybe not the Miata (just kidding Cole)… Okay, maybe even the Miata can be a hell of a good time on track. Go out to a local track day, learn how to take those corners, and make them yours.  It was just three years ago I decided to come out to a track day to see what this racing was all about and it was worse than crack.

(JR) Do you have any sort of training regimen (physical or psychological) to prep for racing?

(KS) I just posted up my training regimen on facebook. It’s tough, challenging, and involves at least a dozen donuts.  I’m out there having fun, making friends and driving fast.  While I’m driving I try to leave everything else behind and just focus on the next turn (well… and the 2 after that one). But, before the race I’m just having a great time with some really good friends around the track.

(JR) What motivates you?

(KS) My motivations are simple: Go fast or go home!  There’s nothing that beats coming outta that tight corner, punching the gas, and being pushed back in your seat as the car launches down the straight.

(JR) If you had to pick one song to be your driving anthem, what would it be?

(KS) The Wheels on the bus go round and round??? Okay, well maybe not. How ’bout “I can’t drive 55” by boy Sammy? That about sums it up.

(JR) What’s the one improvement you think time attacks in general could make to better the experience/ scene?

(KS) Better marketing and branding of the sport.  I love how Global Time Attack and Jason work the social media and really pump up their events.  I’d like to see more of it and more diversity in the outlets.  I’m not really sure what that means, but the more people see the sport the more crowded those paddocks are going to be.  As for the events, keeping to schedules and making sure things happen when they are supposed to.  I’ve had a great experience at most of the events I’ve been to, but it’s always irritating when things start to slip and you have to guess at what time you’re going back on track.

Stay posted to Lyfe Motorsport’s FB page to follow their exciting 2015 journey! We have no doubt that they will continue to push their car’s limits and walk away with some great achievements. Many thanks to Kyle for taking the time to talk to us!




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