Victory at GTA Super Lap Battle

Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle is the largest Time Attack event of the year, with the biggest and best teams from all across North America showing up in order prove who is the fastest. I have been participating in the event every year since 2012.IMG_8196.JPG

Since then, the car has changed immensely through the support of people such as my wife Rachel, Paul Leung of Yimi Sport, Gil Martin, Ken Kasitz, Rami E., Rob Campbell, Oscar Huicochea, Aaron Gillis, Mike Jager, Nick Holloway and many more. Continue reading

The Struggle 2015 Vol. 3

At this time we are continually thinking that we are going to race soon… But this was only May. I was dreaming of racing at Road Atlanta with Global Time Attack but that time was about to pass and we were no where near complete, hell at this time we didn’t even have an engine to put in the car.

Since we were seeing more time needed for the engine we decided at that point to take on some other items such as changing up the front end a bit more which brought us to a decision that had to be made. We were toying with the idea of utilizing a water to air inter cooler setup which is more commonly used in drag racing than road racing but with the idea behind time attack being one flying all out lap it held some very interesting characteristics to it. 

Also since we had some time on our hands we decided to take on the tast of removing the stock fuel tank and adding a Pyrotech fuel cell in an effort to be safer and lighter.

We called upon Aeromotive fuel systems to provide all the fuel hose, fittings and fuel pump. The Aeromotive Eliminator fuel pump is going to allow us to flow more than enough fuel whether we use the BorgWarner EFR 8374, 9174 or 9180 which was very important to us to have the availability to have options. The fuel cell is FIA approved and has internal baffling and check valves to protect against fuel starvation during all forms of G forces. As you might be able to tell Paul from Yimi Sport had his hands all over it fabricating the mount and keeping the weight low but not in the way of our future aero elements.

Paul had his hands full literally working on fabrication on the front of the car and the rear of the car as well as everything and anything in between. Here you see him test fitting the FMIC in a location that most people do not quite see it. You might notice that he has already welded on custom end tanks and is setting up to figure out how to mount it and a few other items along with it.

You can also see our very differently setup V mount or whatever you really want to call it. This was a complete Paul Leung brain child and believe me when I say I was consistently worried about how it would perform (although at the end it was so good that I couldn’t believe it). Rami with his aero guidance also was highly involved with decisions made on the front end of the car, reassuring that the design would work wonderfully.  

 In the early stages we still planned on using the stock front bumper that we used the year before, but then the more we looked at it we really needed to get a new one as we had already hacked it to bits. This brought us to the idea. Of running a zero sports replica unit.


And it goes on…
Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!

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2014 Redline Time Attack Round #1

The 2014 season was upon us, although with the car unfinished, we were left scrambling to get a backup car ready for the event. Paul Leung was gracious enough to allow me to track his daily driver in the opener, which happens to be a 2008 Subaru STI hatchback. This car has simple mods including KW V3 comfort coilovers, Whiteline swaybar set, Borg Warner EFR7163 turbo, Aeromotive Fuel Regulator and some other bushings from Whiteline (all comfort). Continue reading